I am Noah Chase.
I am a Software Engineer who values craftsmanship and getting things done.

I live and work in DC as a senior software engineer.

I love effective systems, great products, and the power of {code.}

I've worked with:

I've contributed to:

I like delivering software incrementally and evaluating progress as I go along.

Great performance and great quality are incredibly important to me. I'm excellent at fixing UI bugs.

“First make it work, then make it right, then make it fast.”

Here are some of the skills I own:

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My name is Noah. I am a Software Engineer.

I enjoy:

Dope Shit. Bright Stuff tDark Stuffh

So yeah, those things. Those things among other things.

I live and work a few blocks away from Washington DC as a senior software engineer.

Work-wise, I love systemic thinking, building great products, mentoring, and writing code.

I'm an ex-academic — started a Master's program in an unrelated field after college — at the time I thought I'd want an academic career — didn't finish. I'm happy with not finishing.

I learned a lot about myself and a lot about the world in that time.

Teaching my own class with my own curriculum was awesome.

I still have a bit of a taste for the academic stuff...

Basically I like to read. For me it all goes back to reading and writing. Internalizing stuff and then synthesizing it.

I started working at a startup in Silver Spring about 3.5 years ago, then we got acquired. I'm still at the same place and I still really enjoy my job.

I'm a bit shy, but not terribly shy.

I have a twin brother. We're identical twins, but pretty different. It's interesting sometimes.

m.ahfr.org is a website that I really enjoyed building. It's [mostly] just a growing collection of things that I have found on the internet and liked.

Stuff I Like:

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